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The process is completely automatic and outlines as follows: From the tank to collect water to be treated, a metering or centrifugal pump delivers the water to the flocculation – treatment tank. The electro-mixer will be automatically started At the same time also the vibrator and the metering device for cleaning powder will start.


Plating, galvanic, quench towers, incinerators wastewater contains heavy metals, and suspended solids at levels hazardous to the environment and pose risks to public health. Heavy metals, in particular, are of great concern due to their toxicity.


An outline of the applicable systems of treatment to the drinking water containing Fluorides is reported both on the USEPA and AWWA sites reporting Best Available Technology in synthesis:

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In 1992, the initiative of INTECNA started, based on the twenty-year technical and commercial experience of the promoter of the Company (former Technical Manager of the ENI Group’s Company involved in Production Chemicals & Water Management since 1974) and with the contribute of leading chemical Companies. INTECNA srl offices are located in MEDIGLIA (near Milan) and production is located near Ancona (Centre of Italy) in a modern production plant supported by a Technical Assistance and R&D Laboratory. In Italy, INTECNA acts on the market directly or by local Distributors and Abroad many partnerships have been established with relevant organizations Worldwide.

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