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Our mission is INNOVATION

This is a culture that leads INTECNA to invest in human resources, collaborations, experimental works pilot plants trials , research and development, therefore in all those activities that look to the future and can create the conditions for growth for the Company in the coming years.

INTECNA takes great pride in its ability to look at established processes and see aspects that were undervalued or neglected. By carefully listening to those who have been working in a sector for years, our staff can find issues that can become the starting point for process improvement, with the goal of saving economic resources and reducing environmental impact. We are not motivated by the mere economic aspect, but by the overall evaluation of the problem, and we like to be able to give our contribution even in small details that can make a big difference in technological improvement.

To give our partners high-profile technical support, we work with many research institutions and applied research laboratories equipped with laboratory instruments and pilot plants to carry out tests in different scale sizes. One of these is ALKEMATEC which works on process studies to find the best technical solutions to be applied industrially.

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