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Special focus on water
and wastewater treatment –
fluorides removal

INTECNA produces a wide range of auxiliaries that have been applied in several industries for many years with consolidated application techniques.

An innovative INTECNA’s technology that has achieved a widespread diffusion is the removal of Fluorides from drinking water and wastewater.
After years of experimental work, INTECNA has obtained the original patent.
Fluoride removal in drinking water and in wastewater has been the subject of many publications and studies, which have progressively better developed the aspects of toxicity on both humans and the environment. The manufacturing firms of fertilizers, of aluminium and glass, traditionally have to tackle this problem and other activities as electronic production, surface treatments of copper and aluminium and stainless steel produce wastewater with a strong presence of Fluoride ion
Now, the most commonly used Technologies are:
• Precipitation with Lime
• Absorption on Activated Granular Alumina and following washing and regeneration
• Reverse Osmosis
• ED and EDR (Reverse Electro dialysis)
• ABSORPTION on Bone Char

These techniques don’t always provide satisfactory results either due to high investment costs, irreversible fouling of the membranes, or to management difficulties. The traditional precipitation with lime also has an intrinsic limit, linked to its Solubility product (Ksp = 4*10 exp-11) that does not reach the limits that are often required by the Environmental Regulations.
INTECNA has studied and made available to users an additive (HYCOR FL) which forms a complex with Fluorides that has a solubility product 1000 times lower, thus obtaining a removal of the fluorides always below the discharge limits. Furthermore, since the product is compatible with the characteristics of drinking water, it is possible to successfully tackle the removal of fluorides even in waters of volcanic origin that give the drinking water residual fluoride values beyond the limit suggested by the WHO to reduce the effects of Fluorosis on humans.

Special focus on oil&gas sector

Special focus on water and wastewater treatment –
Intecna’s sodium ferrate production and uses

The HYCOR FL product

must be considered as an auxiliary for the finishing treatment after the precipitation process with Lime, which has the advantage of having a low economic impact and is able to obtain an initial removal of Fluorides from 1500 – 2500 ppm up to values of order of 30 – 60 ppm.
If the starting fluorides are already below 200 ppm, the treatment with lime can be avoided and in this case the only HYCOR FL is able to obtain the required removal.
HYCOR FL, appropriately dosed following a preliminary calibration curve in laboratory tests always guarantees a very satisfactory result without substantial and costly plant modifications to the existing plant. INTECNA is able to support the user with the planning of modifications to the plant and to provide maximum assistance in the use phase